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The X-Door is one of the most complete, innovative and effective Team Building activities in Alicante. Big companies like Leroy Merlin, Vodafone or Philips have already relied on us to test the skills and teamwork abilities of their employees, managers or teams.

The game is played in groups of 2 to 6 people. After a brief introduction, the team will be locked in a mysterious room. Since that very moment, they will have 60 minutes to solve all the riddles and puzzles they encounter. The purpose is very simple: to find out how to open the door and escape the room.

Thanks to the countdown, the game tests the participants’ ability to work under. But mostly it tests their ability to work as a team and get organised. The game is designed to be solved as a group and that is paramount. You can observe the roles adopted by each player, their leadership and observation skills, and, of course, their creativity, as many of the riddles and puzzles require the use of lateral thinking.

Moreover, players will have lots of fun together and solving the mystery will surely strengthen the bonds of the team, as they will experience a memorable time and a real adrenaline rush together.

There are no horror elements in this game, and it does not require agility or strength, so it is a perfect Team Building activity for all kinds of people, age, sex and socio-cultural level.

If there are more than 6 players, they will have to split up in groups and play one after the other, so a healthy and fun competition is created to see which group is best!

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