Booking terms and conditions

The user can make your reservation at accessing the various pages intended for this purpose for each game, and always with the time in advance defined for each game. Outside this time in advance you can only make the reservation by phone call, in which case you can not make any payment, which will be made in person at the establishment of The X-Door Alicante Escape Room the day you come to play.

Reservations and/or payments are made through the reservation system developed by AION. To make your reservation, no registration is required, but simply choose the game, day and time desired, and fill out the form of basic data required for booking, and then proceed to the payment of a deposit through the secure payment gateway (virtual tpv) when the system requires it. The X-Door Alicante escape room does not have access at any time to the user’s credit card details.

The amount of the pending reservation will be paid in person at the establishment The X-Door Alicante Escape Room, in cash or by credit card, the day you come to play.

Once the reservation is made, the user will receive an automatic email confirmation of booking reminding all the details of the reservation and the conditions of purchase. If this is not received, please check your spam folder and/or contact us by phone or e-mail.

The X-Door Alicante Escape Room games have different prices, which also vary depending on the number of people in the team. The X-Door Alicante Escape Room reserves the right to modify the rates without prior notice, although these changes will never affect already confirmed reservations.


As a general rule, no cancellations or refunds are allowed, but we do allow changes of date and time of the reservation as long as the request is made more than 72 hours in advance.

The amount of the deposit paid at the time to make the reservation will be kept for 60 days from the date of the original reservation, time that the user will have to communicate to The X-Door Alicante Escape Room the new desired date. Once this period has elapsed, it will not be possible to change the date, and the reservation and deposit will be considered lost.

Important: only one change of date per reservation is allowed. It is not possible to change the date a second time, in which case the reservation will be lost and the money will not be refunded.

To request a change of date the user can do so by writing an email to, or by phone/whatsapp at 966354067, indicating in any case the data of the reservation that allow to identify it: name and surname, date of the reservation and contact details.

The X-Door Alicante Escape Room reserves the right to cancel a game session without the possibility of changing the date or refund the amount paid in the following cases:

  • Unjustified delay of more than 10 minutes with respect to the reserved time.
  • The user/s arrives under the influence of alcohol, drugs or narcotics.
  • The user shows an aggressive or violent attitude against the staff of The X-Door Alicante Escape Room or the rest of the players.
  • The user causes damage and / or damage intentionally in any component of the establishment.
  • The user records or photographs inside the premises without the authorization of The X-Door Alicante Escape Room.
  • The user does not respect any of the game rules indicated before starting the experience.
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