This is the game which is a sensation throughout Spain and which thousands of teams have enjoyed, it’s actually the most played room escape game in Spain.

If this is the first time you play, undoubtedly you must choose this game.

It is a “classic style” room escape game.

You will be locked in an unsettling room that will transport you to a different time, as if you were the main character of The Da Vinci Code or were inside a mystery novel…

Number of players: from 2 to 6 persons.

This game is CLOSED. Soon we will open a new one. We are sorry.

The Haunted Prison

Jack Smith was accused of murder but the trial was full of irregularities… He was convicted to life sentence and locked up in a cell with continuous surveillance, but one night he simply disappeared. Nobody knows what happened to him. Other prisoners affirm that he died trying to escape, because they claim they can hear his moans during the night.

As Jack, you have been unfairly arrested, and the judge has ordered your incarceration. If what the prisoners say is true, which means that Jack’s ghost remains there, he might be able to help you…

Number of players: from 2 to 6 persons.


After being rejected in his aspirations to enter our elite unit, Ricardo Luque has threatened the city. He says he has placed a high-capacity bomb, and challenges us to surpass him intellectually and find it before it explodes. When the special teams locate their hiding place, Ricardo has already fled, but he has left some strange boxes and a message in which he affirms that in those boxes there is the only possibility of avoiding the massacre …

In VENGANZA, up to 20 people can play at our premises simultaneously.

To reserve it to play in english you must get in touch with us.