COVID-19 Measures

Our facilities are prepared to ensure the safety of all participants. We adapt to the protocols and measures implemented by the health authorities; in addition, in TheXDoor Alicante we guarantee your safety with exceptional measures that have been planned by our consultant/engineer in terms of hygiene, cleanliness and air quality. We want you to enjoy the activities we have planned for your group with total peace of mind and without any worries other than the time against the clock that we set for you to overcome our challenges. We guarantee you adrenaline and fun in a safe and free of coronavirus space. And so that there are no doubts, we explain the measures we have adopted. Let’s get to it!

Continuous air renewal

Our rooms and facilities are subject to constant and continuous air renewal to ensure the safety of the attendees and to avoid the accumulation of contaminated or stale air. We have a powerful air renewal system with connection to the outside completely independent of the air conditioning system. Our filters provide purified air from the outside at all times and throughout the day. In this way you can play with total peace of mind with virus-free air.

Mandatory mask

Although we know that it is not the most comfortable, the mask is essential to prevent and avoid contagion. For this reason, and according to the mandatory measures implemented by the health authorities in closed spaces, the use of a mask is mandatory, so remember to bring your mask from home!

Hydroalcoholic gel

At TheXDoor Alicante facilities you will have at your disposal all the hydroalcoholic gel you need to disinfect your hands properly. Prevention, in these cases, is the most important thing.

Disinfection of the rooms after each use

After each use, the rooms of our facility are disinfected following the highest cleaning protocols. At the end of each activity, the cleaning staff is in charge of disinfecting each and every element of the room and common areas. To do so, they use disinfectant and safe products authorized by the Ministry of Health.

Limited capacity

The capacity of the rooms is limited to each group of participants. This ensures that no group overlaps with each other, so there will be no contact with other participants. Our events are staggered and limited to each team to ensure the safety of all participants.

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