vengeance ESCAPE ROOM

In this escape room your main objective is to defuse a bomb in time. Revenge is an escape room for large groups in which you will have to overcome by teams situations that will put you to the limit..

Will your team be able to pass the tests in time?

VENGANZA is more than just an escape room, it is a hall escape created specifically for large groups, which can be held in all kinds of places: companies, meeting rooms, restaurants, outdoors… AND NOW ALSO IN OUR LOCAL for up to 20 people. It is not a traditional “escape room”, as the final objective is not to escape from a room, but it does have all the essential elements of an escape game: teamwork, communication, riddle solving, limited time with a countdown…

It is played in teams of 3/5 people, in a common space, where the different teams compete against each other. Each team has its own table, which will be its “center of operations”, but they will also have to move around the room at certain times to consult some clues and information located on the walls of the space. The game revolves around a mysterious box that each team has on its table, designed and produced exclusively by The X-Door. The theme is military, based on a terrorist threat, and the ultimate goal is to find a bomb to defuse it. During the activity, the “Colonel” (game controller) walks around the room to help the teams in times of jam, and solve doubts.

The difficulty level of the game is intermediate, with the objective that all teams can complete it or reach almost the end.

Frequently asked questions

The main difference between one type of activity and another is the number of players. The Escape Rooms are mainly designed for small groups. That is to say, from 2 to 6 people; while the Hall Escape are intended for larger groups that can reach 30 people or more. The dynamics is very similar from one to the other. That is to say, the game is played with the pressure and dynamism of the time trials, but in the case of the Hall Escape the participants play around a table where they will have all the material and tests to solve. Of course, teamwork and communication, both in one activity as in the other, is essential.
The portable version of our Vengeance game is designed to play outside our facilities. That is, we can move it to wherever you indicate, for example, a villa, in a meeting room, a hotel or in the courtyard by the pool. It doesn’t matter! The only thing we need is to have enough space to fit all the participants, we take care of the rest.
Yes, no problem! The only requirement is that they are accompanied by an adult. However, remember that the theme of the game focuses on defusing a terrorist bomb before it explodes, so make sure that this will not stress or scare the little one. Keep in mind that the puzzles are designed for adults -in terms of complexity-, so some of our tests may be difficult for them to understand.
Revenge is a Hall Escape type activity, so it is designed for large groups. In our facilities we can accommodate a maximum of 20 people, however, with our mobile version we can expand the number of participants depending on the space available. Where do you want to meet us?
Yes, but at different tables so that everyone can participate equally. We will divide your group into teams of 3 to 5 people and you will have to compete against each other. We guarantee you laughs, healthy rivalry and lots of excitement! Revenge is a great activity to reinforce teamwork and communication, as well as the ingenuity and skill of each one of you.


8 to 20 people
(in teams of 3 to 5 people)


75 minutes


€15 per person

online booking

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