A competitive escape hall, in which you will form teams of 2/3 people to score the most points by solving mysterious boxes. Ideal for farewell parties, celebrations, and as a team building activity for companies.

There is only one objective
to beat your teammates

CHALLENGE is not a typical escape room. It is what we call a Hall Escape. The objective is not to “escape” from the room. But it does have all the essential elements of an escape game: teamwork, communication, enigma solving, limited time with a countdown… AND LOTS OF ADRENALIN.

CHALLENGE is a competitive game. In our room you will find some mysterious boxes, different from each other, each one with several puzzles, mechanisms, games, surprises and enigmas that you will have to solve to accumulate points and beat your teammates. When a box has been opened, we will close it again so that the other team (or teams) can try to do the same. In addition to your wit, you will have to use your strategy because each box has a difficulty level… and depending on its difficulty, you will get more or less points.

You will play in groups of 2 to 3 people, with a maximum of 10 simultaneous players. Teamwork, communication, skill and ingenuity are fundamental. But above all, competitiveness. And don’t worry, if you don’t succeed in humiliating the losers, WE WILL DO IT FOR YOU!

Preguntas habituales

They are different games. The Escape Rooms are for smaller groups, from 2 to 6 people, approximately; while the Hall Escape are designed for large groups. In the Escape Rooms the participants must solve the tests that are hidden in a room from which they must escape. In the Hall Escape the activities are carried out at several tables and the participation of each player is decisive -the objective of the game is not to escape-. The similarity is that in both types of games teamwork is reinforced, as well as communication. In addition, in both cases the pressure of the game is played against the clock, which gives dynamism and excitement to the tests that we propose.
Challenge is our star competition game. In it you will find mysterious boxes, puzzles, mechanisms, surprises and all kinds of tests and enigmas. The portable version of Challenge is designed to play outside our facilities. That is to say, we can move to wherever you indicate us to organize the event. However, it is essential that all participants can fit in. For example, in a hotel, in the meeting room of a company or even in a villa, we take care of everything!
Our activities are designed for adults, however, children can participate in them without any problems. The only requirement is that they are accompanied by an adult. Keep in mind that the riddles and enigmas that you can find in Challenge can be complex for children.
Challenge is a Hall Escape type activity, so it is designed for medium or large groups. This activity is organized for a maximum of 10 participants in our premises, or for many more in the portable version (contact us at or 966354067).
All players will participate in the same room. However, you will be divided into small groups of 2 and 3 people. We guarantee you will have a great time! In addition, with this activity you will reinforce teamwork, communication, dexterity and ingenuity of each of you.

the winning team* gets

*Award only available for stag/hen parties of 10 people or more.


Up to 10 people
(in teams of 2 to 3 people).


75 minutes


€15 per person


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